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  1. Request your awards!

    Username:Experimental Post Count:This is for the 100 posts Award Name: Windy Day Jiho Set B
  2. Request your awards!

    Username: Experimental Post Count: 100 now Award Name: A-ing (Listen to My Word) - Jiho Set B I like two for now
  3. I want an award that's not listed.

    Isn't a bad badgein my opinion
  4. New Liar Liar Set B Badges

    Group 1: A Group 2: D Group 3: C Group 4: D Group 5: E Group 6: B Group 7: E Group 8: C
  5. Summer Giveaway

    I feel like I'm going to regret not participating so, I'm just going to join for funs and giggles Username: Experimental Post Count: 83 now (at the time I think it was 40 something) Contact Info: Blackwood 187 (on Google) (this counts right, just want to double check) side note: I am somewhat wishing it is not me
  6. Request your awards!

  7. Request your awards!

    I know...
  8. Request your awards!

    um... hi
  9. Request your awards!

    ahhT~T, but I shall wait, Closer - Jiho will be mine :3
  10. Request your awards!

    Pretty Please, with a cherry on top Username:Experimental Post Count:27 Award Name:Closer - Jiho
  11. Thanks for joining us Experimental! We're glad to have you here at Oh My Miracles. Feel free to explore and meet other people!