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  1. Request your awards!

    it's okay! Being a global mod is a busy life thanks for the rewards~
  2. Request your awards!

    i'm back again! Username: yooamyangel Post Count:50 Award Name:windy days seunghee set a
  3. New Liar Liar Set B Badges

    Group 1: Arin c Group 2: Binnie b Group 3: Hyojung A) Group 4: Jiho A) Group 5: JinE G) Group 6: Mimi D) Group 7: Seunghee F) Group 8: YooA E)
  4. Request your awards!

    congrats on getting your wish at last, by the way
  5. July Updates + Staff Promotions + Giveaway!

    loving the cupid and closer era badges! Gotta collect them all
  6. Request your awards!

    ooh! I have enough for one finally! I will be back very soon for another... lol Username:yooamyangel Post Count:43 Award Name: Windy Days - YooA set a thank you!
  7. Summer Giveaway

    Username: Yooamyangel Post Count: 35 Contact Info (ie. Twitter handle, etc.): twitter@mnnsuga
  8. Summer Giveaway

    nope, just checked ,it shows up !
  9. Summer Giveaway

    What constitutes as a spam post? Does participating in PC bang games count as spam : (