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  1. Can someone update or delete this. It is a bit old?
  2. Fan Project for JinE

    I am all for that. Thanks for responding..
  3. Fan Project for JinE

    Hi Curious, well my arms are getting tired, can I set this down for a while.
  4. Fan Project for JinE

    Thanks. Right now I am questioning the purpose. Maybe it is just because I am not so familiar with line although I am signed up.
  5. Fan Project for JinE

    What has been happening with this?
  6. Summer Giveaway

    Thanks Curious
  7. Summer Giveaway

    OK got it, so the post count is only for the OHMyMiracles site, not Google +.
  8. Summer Giveaway

    How do you find out how many posts you have? My profile does not have the count or the count is being blocked by some graphic. Also too, how do you see how many 1ds you have?
  9. Thanks for joining us firefly! We're glad to have you here at Oh My Miracles. Feel free to explore and meet other people!