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  1. Request your awards!

    seems to be not working, tagging @Curious for now... let's wait for his reply
  2. Request your awards!

    Name: Sunny Post Count: 350 Award Name: Cupid JinE
  3. Request your awards!

    Username: SunnySpringDay Post Count: 200 Award: Closer - JinE
  4. Request your awards!

    Username: SunnySpringDay Post Count: 100 Award Name: A-ing JinE Set A
  5. I'll be on vacation from Sunday 4th to Thursday 8th ;) will probably only drop by in the evening

  6. A-ing Set Badges

    M5/6 (1st and 2nd) & J12/13 (1st and 2nd)
  7. 2 months anniversay! woooo~


    1. Curious


      2 months of?

    2. Sunbun


      being here... lol 

  8. Since my choice for the Liar Liar B Set got outvoted by one vote, i'll just try this method Badge i request: It's already made, so shouldn't be too much work, I just need 2 more supporters Kindly looking for your help, Sunny
  9. A-ing Set Badges

    H2 J4 M5 Y8 S10 J12 B15 For Arin i'll join the majority, no clear favorite for me
  10. New Liar Liar Set B Badges

    Group 1: A Group 2: D Group 3: E Group 4: F Group 5: F Group 6: C Group 7: E Group 8: C
  11. Summer Giveaway

    i'm pretty sure game room posts don't even show up as "official" posts on the profile
  12. Request your awards!

    I hope this is still going Username:SunnySpringDay Post Count:28 Award Name:Windy Days - JinE
  13. Thanks for joining us SunnySpringDay! We're glad to have you here at Oh My Miracles. Feel free to explore and meet other people!