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  1. To reduce the number of inactive accounts, members who accidentally made two or more accounts, could you please contact/ PM@Curiousto get the issue sorted. Please attach the following form -- Main Account (the account you will be using on the forum): Secondary Account (the account that you wish to get removed): Supplementary -- Reasons for keeping two accounts: Other comments: Kind Regards OMM Staff Team
  2. A-ing Set Badges

    Hello everyone, we would like to know if you guys would prefer to have only 1 set of A-ing badges or do 2 sets again? If we prefer to do only1 set of A-ing badges, would it be a mix and match set orfollowthe concept set such as pool shots only/field shots only. If you would like to have only 1 set and would like to mix and match, please tell me the picture number according from the top of the list down (Hyojung pics are first and Arin pics are last) E.g. H1, J3, M6, Y9...etc.etc.
  3. New Liar Liar Set B Badges

    Hello everyone we will now have a vote for a new Liar Liar Set B Badge This will be slightly different since i require the members to write down your preference and just do a small poll vote Members are to select ONE badge from each group (E.g. Group 1: B) The following will be the template - Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: Group 5: Group 6: Group 7: Group 8: Group 1: Arin A)B)C)D)E)F)G)H) Group 2: Binnie A)B)C)D) Group 3: Hyojung A)B)C)D)E) Group 4: Jiho A)B)C)D)E)F)G) Group 5: JinE A)B)C)D)E)F)G) Group 6: Mimi A)B)C) D) Group 7: Seunghee A)B)C)D)E)F)G) Group 8: YooA A)B)C)D)E)F)
  4. Oh My Girl Summer Special Album (Listen to Me) Physical Album Release
  5. "Listen To Me" MV Release

    Oh My Girl Comeback with Listen To Me
  6. New Windy Day Badges

    Hi everyone we need people to vote if you want thenew set of badges. The following will be thenew set (B) of Windy Day Badges
  7. Oh My Girl 1st Concert 'Summer Fairy Tale' 4PM KST Venue: Blue Square Samsung Card Hall
  8. Oh My Girl 1st Concert 'Summer Fairy Tale' 6PM KST Venue: Blue Square Samsung Card Hall
  9. Summer Fairy Tale Concert Booking

    Oh My Girl 1st Concert Summer Fairy Tale Concert Booking8PM KST@ INTERPARK ▶Korean language:▶Global :
  10. Intro guide to Oh My Miracle Hello and welcome to Oh My Miracle, a forum dedicated to Oh My Girlwhere we will post photos, videos, Gifs, news/announcements and translations related toOh My Girl. This forum will act as a central hangout hub and libraryfor all the Miracles that stan Oh My Girl. Here you will be able to chat and talk about your love for Oh My Girlwith other Miracles while participating in discussions and games in related threads. Our aim is to become a place where Miracles from all around the world are able to gather inthis forum and stan Oh My Girl together.Please continue to show your love and support forOh My Miracle Forums by sharing us whenever you can to grow our community. Tips to forums The following are tips tofamiliarizeyourself with forums: General (Those unfamiliar with forums) Content are separated by threads/Sub-Forums(e.g. Photos, Videos, Audio, Discussions). If you are looking to visit or post ina specific area, please enter the relevant threads. Each thread will have multiple topics (e.g. 160402 Windy Day Fan Sign...).The topics created should be content related to the parentthread. Since you may find each thread confusing with all the different topics, each thread will contain an Index. Theindex will be Pinned and is a list of all the topics in that thread for easier navigation. Posting If you wish to post topics in threads, please read the relevant posting rules pinned in that individualthread created by our admin. Please follow the guidelines as it will keep the forum more organised and orderly. For a quick guide, after you have written a title for a topic, please select the appropriate tag for the topic (e.g. if you want to talk about Binnie, please select Binnie tag and others you feel appropriate). After, select the main prefix tag that you want tobe shown linked to the title. If you are linking content from an external source, please remember to credit the owner and/or source you obtained it from. Do not fret if you make a mistake in creating your topic, you are allowed to edit after you post your topic. If something major needs to be changed or after some time you are unable to edit your post, Please contact one of the moderators via chatbox or inbox, we will gladly help. Pictures It will be highly appreciated if members usedthird party sites such as Imguror Giphy to upload their pictures or gifs. This will reduce the traffic inthe forum and makes it easier for other members to follow the link of the picture or gif. Contact If you have a problem and need to contact the staff members, please contact us in the chatbox or inbox. If you have the problem where you are unable to enter Oh My Miracle's site. You can contact me directly Growing The Community If you have any ways or recommendations that can help us grow Oh My Miracle, please post your idea in thesuggestions & feedback threador tell us in the chatbox or inbox one of the staff members. We hope that you will have a great time here and enjoy your stay with other Miraclesfor many many more Windy Days to come Don't forget to introduce yourself here !! To start, for fun and games please clickhere
  11. Welcome to Oh My Miracle Forums Oh My Miracle is an international forum that was created for fans of Oh My Girl to gather around and discuss their love for the group. The forums are meant for fans to gather around and share all sorts of media that concern Oh My Girl, including news, photos, videos, and more. General Posting Guidelines As there are many different sub-forums, please choose the most suitable section for your topic, and please post your topic in only one section. If you accidentally posted the same content twice, please contact the respective moderator of your forum to delete one of the posts. We also ask that comments to a topic stay generally on-topic, unless the topic is under any of the forums in Cafe. We allow linking to videos, photos, and gifs as long as they do not contain any explicit content. If you see someone posting explicit content, please notify a moderator right away. If you have any specific questions regarding the forum itself and its features or what events or projects Oh My Miracle is planning to hold in the future, please feel free to create a topic in the Suggestions & Feedback forum. Make sure to following the tagging guidelines for that forum as well. When sharing posts outside of the forum, please credit all original sources, as well as any originally content that originated from Oh My Miracle forums. Deleting/Editing Posts By default, members are not allowed to delete their own posts or other members' posts. If you wish to have your post deleted, please contact the moderator of that respective forum, or a global moderator if the forum moderator is not online. If you spy any explicit/inappropriate content in another member's post, please let the moderator of that respective forum know immediately. All members have the privilege of being able to edit their own posts. Go crazy. That's no-no This is meant to be an inclusive place where all Miracles can gather and share their love for Oh My Girl, so topic content will be moderated. Moderators have the power to edit your post (they will always notify you if they do) as well as to delete your topic as a whole (they will always notify you if they do). Global Moderators and Administrators have the power to give out warnings and potentially ban members as well if they are repeat offenders. If you perform any of the following below, you may be at risk for consequences: Posting complete spam or you're a spambot Posing as a staff member and asking for the members' personal information (e.g. e-mail, phone number, etc.) Posting completely unrelated topics in a forum (e.g. Posting Binnie gifs and proclaiming your undying love for her in the Support & Feedback forum) Harassment (of any kind) Flaming other members, posting explicit content, offensive posts, etc. Advertisements for other websites These are just a few example and are not all-inclusive. Each post will be judged individually. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please PM a global moderator or administrator, and we will review your case. In the wise words of Masta Wu, don't break the rules, because
  12. Staff Applications

    Be a part of Oh My Miracle Oh My Miracle is recruiting new staff to help make this forum a better place and run more smoothly and efficiently. The following positions are available: Global Moderator Moderator Graphic Designer Media Team Translator Uploader If you want to be a part of the Oh My Miracle staff, please apply in the link below Launch me!