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Badge Guidelines

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Badge Guidelines

In order to minimize confusion and have a good experience with the Awards system, please read through the following guidelines on what type of badges we'll accept. 

1. No fantaken images. Almost all fansites have a "No editing" policy, and we will continue to respect the work and time they put in to take wonderful photos.

2. Must be HQ. For this rule, HQ simply means that at a 100 x 100 pixel dimension, the photo is clear and not pixelated. Anything from photoshoots, official photos, good quality IG photos are allowed.

3. Good lighting. Please don't choose photos that have poor lighting that might distort their facial features or otherwise render them difficult to recognize. 

4. Moderate editing. Please don't apply all sorts of filters and colors. We'll allow the basic sharpness, coloring, etc. as long as it's moderate.

5. Voting process. Please create a thread for award voting (this includes a suggestion period and voting period). A single person cannot decide on a badge, so you must open the voting up to the members to keep it fair. 

At this moment, all staff members will be monitoring the threads in this forum to provide more insight and concrete examples. Please don't hesitate to ask questions!



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