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June Updates

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Hello everyone! 

It's been around a month since we've opened, and we'll be doing monthly updates to keep our members updated on any changes that occurred in the forum. 


Partnership with Oh My Subs

  • We've partnered up with Oh My Subs to bring you exclusive subbed content for our members!
  • At this time we are not implementing a certain post count rule, so any registered member is able to view subbed videos. However, we would still appreciate it if you would comment and upvote to show your appreciation for the hard work the subbing team has put in
  • Since videos are free to access, please following the rules so that Oh My Subs can continue to bring us English subbed videos
    • Do not re-upload any videos. Oh My Subs has put in a lot of time and effort to bring Miracles English subbed videos, so please don't re-upload any of their videos to respect their hard work. If you encounter a broken link, just message and we'll try to fix it ASAP.

New Logo

  • We followed the results of the poll, so here is our new logo! We took Oh My Girl's official tiara logo and redesigned it in the image of a star. The meaning behind it is that each of the 8 members represent a point, and the star would not be complete if even one of them are not there. We hope that Oh My Girl will continue to shine bright like a star, and we will do our best to support them in their future activities.

New Forum Colors

  • We've also updated the forum colors to match with our logo. Since the colors are on a screen, visibility may differ for users, so let us know if you have difficulty viewing anything!


Some of our members who have Avast anti-virus have been receiving pop-ups from their antivirus software that there is malware on the forums. We are in the middle of trying to figure out what triggers this problem, so please bear with us a little more! It seems that this is specific only to Avast anti-virus as users with Norton and Symantec have not gotten anything, so we believe this is a false positive. In the meantime, please check out this tutorial to disable the pop-up so you can access the forums.

Future Updates:

Be on the lookout for future updates as well! At this time, I'm working on:

  • Updating generic folder forum icons on the member forums to their photos instead.
  • Way to embed tweets from multiple sources

All the staff are young and new at this, so we're learning as we go as well. Thank you to everyone who has helped out thus far!


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