[Newcomers please read] Introduction guide to Oh My Miracle

By Curious,
Intro guide to Oh My Miracle Hello and welcome to Oh My Miracle, a forum dedicated to Oh My Girl where we will post photos, videos, Gifs, news/announcements and translations related to Oh My Girl. This forum will act as a central hangout hub and library for all the Miracles that stan Oh My Girl. Here you will be able to chat and talk about your love for Oh My Girl with other Miracles while participating in discussions and games in related threads. Our aim is to become a place where Miracles from all around the world are able to gather in this forum and stan Oh My Girl together. Please continue to show your love and support for Oh My Miracle Forums by sharing us whenever you can to grow our community. Tips to forums The following are tips to familiarize yourself with forums: General (Those unfamiliar with forums) Content are separated by threads/Sub-Forums (e.g. Photos, Videos, Audio, Discussions). If you are looking to visit or post in a specific area, please enter the relevant threads. Each thread will have multiple topics (e.g. 160402 Windy Day Fan Sign...). The topics created should be content related to the parent thread. Since you may find each thread confusing with all the different topics, each thread will contain an Index. The index will be Pinned and is a list of all the topics in that thread for easier navigation. Posting If you wish to post topics in threads, please read the relevant posting rules pinned in that individual thread created by our admin. Please follow the guidelines as it will keep the forum more organised and orderly. For a quick guide, after you have written a title for a topic, please select the appropriate tag for the topic (e.g. if you want to talk about Binnie, please select Binnie tag and others you feel appropriate). After, select the main prefix tag that you want to be shown linked to the title. If you are linking content from an external source, please remember to credit the owner and/or source you obtained it from. Do not fret if you make a mistake in creating your topic, you are allowed to edit after you post your topic. If something major needs to be changed or after some time you are unable to edit your post, Please contact one of the moderators via chatbox or inbox, we will gladly help. Pictures It will be highly appreciated if members used third party sites such as Imgur or Giphy to upload their pictures or gifs. This will reduce the traffic in the forum and makes it easier for other members to follow the link of the picture or gif. Contact If you have a problem and need to contact the staff members, please contact us in the chatbox or inbox. If you have the problem where you are unable to enter Oh My Miracle's site. You can contact me directly Growing The Community If you have any ways or recommendations that can help us grow Oh My Miracle, please post your idea in the suggestions & feedback thread or tell us in the chatbox or inbox one of the staff members.   We hope that you will have a great time here and enjoy your stay with other Miracles for many many more Windy Days to come   Don't forget to introduce yourself here !! To start, for fun and games please click here