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As many new Miracles may feel overwhelmed with our layout and the amount of content we have, our staff has created a lovely Forums Directory guide to help you know where you should post content!

All forums with a (*) in front indicates all threads in that forum should contain tags and an item prefix.

Welcome to Oh My Miracle

  • Announcements: Only staff should be able to create topics in this forum. This is for any news regarding the forum and any important announcements staff want to highlight
    • Guides & Tutorials: Guides & tutorials posted about voting, streaming, etc. on Korean sites
    • Awards: Request award badges, hold badge voting, etc. here!
  • Introduction: This is for all member introductions and such. For large discussions, please post them in the Cafe!
  • Suggestions & Feedback: For any suggestions & feedback that members have about the forums and its features. You can also request for additional forum features or more add-ons.

Oh My Updates

  • *OMG News: For any news and official updates on Oh My Girl. This includes all translated and non-translated news articles. News articles should be from official sources such as Naver, Daum, Soompi, etc. For any non-translated news articles, the title should be translated into English, but you can link to the content instead of copying & pasting the whole article in its native language. Other content such as magazine interviews, etc. should be placed in the "Translations" forum
  • *SNS Updates: For all updates that are not news articles. Includes Twitter updates (with text), fancafe posts (with text), etc. 
  • *Translations: All English translations of written articles which includes magazine interviews, SNS updates, etc.
  • *OMG!Gasa: English translated, romanized, lyrics of OMG songs

Oh My Media

  • *Photos: This is for any official and un-official (i.e. fantaken) photos of the girls. Any photos posted from the girls' individual SNS/Instagram accounts should be posted in their respective individual forums. This can include Twitter updates (of photos only), fancafe posts (with photos only), etc.
  • *Audio: All audio of the girls. Includes radio shows, etc.
  • *Video: This is for all non-subbed videos of the girls. Includes radio shows, variety shows, music videos, CFs, etc. 
    • *Downloads: Any downloads for audio and videos. No linking to downloads of albums.
  • Subbed Videos: All English subbed videos of the girls. Oh My Subs will be posting English subbed links to their own videos, but members may also post links to subbers other than OhMySubs

Oh My Girls

  • Discussions: Anything related to Oh My Girl
  • Seunghee: Any related specifically to Seunghee. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos etc.
  • Hyojung: Any related specifically to Hyojung. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • YooA: Any related specifically to YooA. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • Mimi: Any related specifically to Mimi. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • Arin: Any related specifically to Arin. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • JinE: Any related specifically to JinE. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • Jiho: Any related specifically to Jiho. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.
  • Binnie: Any related specifically to Binnie. This includes pre-debut photos, discussions, videos, etc.


  • Art Studio: For any member-created fanart and content
  • Story Time: Any fanfics from members or links to good fanfics about Oh My Girl
  • Fanaccounts: Any fanaccounts from members who saw Oh My Girl
  • Hallyu Wave: Discussions about other K-pop artists other than Oh My Girl
  • Chatroom: General off-topic, non-Kpop discussions
  • Game Room: Play random games with other members

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